About Ciara Cure

As a native to the Inland Empire, Ciara’s deep love for her home, cultivated her enthusiasm for selling family homes throughout the area. She has a passion for positively impacting the lives of the souls she comes across, wanting to light up their entire day by reminding them how powerful they are as creators of their life. She received a Bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Riverside, which strengthened her ability to critically analyze problems, translating into her extreme diligence as a real estate agent.

An expert in the sales industry, Ciara has facilitated an easy transaction for hundreds of clients over the years. Specializing in providing optimal service to everyone she works with by catering to her clients needs.  Ciara began her sales career with Newport Butane, a cigar and lighter company, where she was instrumental in the launch of their new product line, Zeus. As an outside account executive, she expanded the reach of Zeus by establishing 70 new relationships with distribution partners in her first six months. Determined to expand her sales experience, she entered into the realm of car sales. Ciara worked with buyers from all spectrums of the market, helping some buy their first car and others purchase an exciting luxury vehicle. She fine tuned the transaction experience over the course of 2019 by selling over 100 cars. Now as a full time real estate agent, Ciara sold $2,500,000 of real estate in her first twelve months.

The key to Ciara’s success is simple: A genuine passion for helping her clients find what they are truly looking for. She goes out of her way to understand her clients needs and doesn’t settle for anything less than what they desire. Ciara strives to build a long-lasting relationship with her clients by providing a personable approach to home buying and selling, and aims to surpass her client’s expectations on every occasion. Customer service is of utmost importance, and constant communication is vital. She prides herself on being available whenever needed. Ciara is your Cure to closing!

As a driven entrepreneur, motivated to make the world a better place, Ciara launched her own business in the mental health industry, The Magic Muir. She created a sanctuary for people to come heal, through her holistic offerings. Serving over 120 clients that she connected with through her social media platforms, crafting her marketing abilities with online sales. Ciara offers healing calls and sessions that are centered around healing trauma. She guides her clients through an inner child healing meditation, where they connect to the past version of themself that was experiencing the trauma, to collect the fragmented pieces of their consciousness and to return them back to wholeness. Through what she has witnessed in herself and her clients, she believes that this is the foundation towards overcoming mental illness.

For every real estate transaction that Ciara completes, a portion of the proceeds goes towards  Prosperity Homes. This organization is focused on uplifting families to a baseline level or prosperity. We believe this is not only what is best for each individual or family, but for the world as a whole. If you lift a family out of extreme poverty and give them a baseline needs to where they can flourish on their own and be self-sustaining, then they can create the prosperity that they seek for their them and their family. 

This is not about handouts and creating dependency, but with working with families so that they can thrive on their own. A Prosperity Home is one that produces for a family its own energy, provides a large amount of their own food, and creates a space to where the family can be prosperous. This solves so many of the world’s problems, poverty, hunger, environment issues, etc.

These proceeds come entirely from Ciara’s commissions from the sale, there is no obligation on the part of her clients. If you would like to make a contribution or even join Ciara on a build with Prosperity Homes, please feel free to contact Ciara at ciara@closingcures.com.




8599 Haven Ave #306,
Rancho Cucamonga, CA